Feb 27, 2018 at 9AM CST Townnews will be making updates to its email systems. This includes your email account.

Townnews will be updating its email administration portal. This requires you to update your email client email settings. There will be several settings that change, which are outlined below.

When to make the changes:

We will begin the update at 9amCST, and expect the migration to take less than 30 minutes, however all of the changes below for the email client settings can be done at any time before migration. Your email client will display a notice about an invalid or untrusted SSL certificate if you make the change before our migration, this is OK to accept and will be valid once the migration is complete.

Email username changes:

Many users login with a POP3, SMTP, and Webmail username that is a number between 1000 and 20000, for example your email user name may be: 12567. This number will change to be your full email address.

Email SSL settings:

Review your email POP3 and SMTP settings, look for "SSL" and ensure it's enabled for both POP3 and SMTP. When using SSL, you may need to specify the port to use, the POP3 port is 995 and the SMTP is 465. SSL will be required to connect going forward.

Email server name changes:

The SMTP and POP3 server names being used today will be changing, using the chart below, update your SMTP and POP3 server to the new hostname, based on what you have today.
You may be asked to trust a new SSL certificate, which is OK.

CURRENT SERVER NAME NEW SERVER NAME                                                         or

Note that sites using will need to switch to the server
name your website is hosted within. Failure to due so may result in SSL errors.

Email account administration:

Your business may have a local email administrator, someone who has Townnews portal access to add, remove, and modify email accounts. As part of this migration Townnews is launching a new portal. Please contact Townnews support to gain access to the new portal information as the old credentials are incompatible.